About Naomi Zoelman



My name is Naomi Zoelman, but you can call me Nae. I am a soulful LOVE yogi who finds passion and comfort in vintage, simplicity and self freedom. I am an old soul who loves to freely move my body to 60’s love tunes or classical musical. I experience love for old brick homes, wood fireplaces, fashion and art. I spend a lot of my days consistently reflecting on, and being connected to my ever changing energy; and I live my moments based off of this intuition. There is never not a moment where I am not connected to my Self.

I enjoy other worldly phenomenon like ghosts, and there is nothing I love more than being cozied up on my couch watching a good horror flick. If I could live anywhere in this world, it would whole heartedly be Halloween town (if that was attainable in this reality).

My mornings are often spent sipping coffee outside on my large back porch; soaking in the morning sunshine, fresh air and sounds of nature. And my most cherished days are often spent wandering around old towns or the city, sipping coffee in old coffee shops, or exploring new places with my loved ones. 

In another breath, I encompass an intellectual, interpersonal and professional background in social services – specializing in mental wellness, developmental and abnormal psychology. I encompass sound knowledge in the many leaf’s stemming from the tree of holistic wellness, including a 240 hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training certification, and a 300 hour Meditation Teacher Training certification; which I use to my own personal use, as well as utilize to support those whom I meet through the use of this diverse insight and education. 

I currently am teaching Asana, Meditation and Fitness classes in studio.



 My MISSION is to reconnect people (back) to their truest and most authentic Self, disconnecting people from mirroring others lives or societal expectations; rumination of past and anticipation of future, through the work of Yoga and conscious living.



My VISION is for all to live a life enlightened, and for all to live a life that is in harmonious vibration of unique love and oneness with everything and everyone.